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“Roxanne” is an organization that specializes in consumer credit. Currently headed by “Frédéric Jacob-Peron”, this subsidiary of Societe Generale Group was the work of a large Lille insurance group. This banking organization is the dazzling association of the 3 subsidiaries namely Jenny, the Auxiliary of Credit and the CREG. It also works to support each partner through a range of financing solutions for both professionals and individuals.

The “Roxanne” group: all you need to remember

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Years go by, “Roxanne” makes its grand entrance into the 21st century by opting for extraordinary loyalty strategies to ensure sustainable growth. For this, this bank shares with the parent company the same values ​​and develops a set of synergies to achieve the same end. Indeed, although time is changing day by day, this creditor institution is also continuing to follow this evolution through innovative solutions that adapt to any type of clientele.

“Roxanne”: all contacts to reach this bank

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Are you looking for a big partner to finance your projects, anyway? Do not miss out on “Roxanne”. Since its existence, this organization has always been faithful to its commitments, always to serve you with very attractive offers. And until today, it is very easily distinguished in the financial market by the quality of its services. It aims to be always closest to you through a dedicated customer service available at any time by internet, mail or phone.

Many people are not yet comfortable with computers, this is why this organization provides a customer service by telephone to your listening. And to ensure this support, it sets up a team of professionals available at any time for you wishing to manage and view your accounts on the phone line which will be taxed at 0.18 euro per minute. However, if you call for any questions or requests for changes, you can contact the Roxanne advisor directly on the same number as well.

Year after year

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Roxanne wants to be a true leader in the financial services market. And it does very well with its range of offers of credit or loans at very attractive rates. But in addition to this, this bank also offers insurance solutions that can accompany in your life against all the hazards that can occur at any time.

Also, you can simply find the right solution for your budget with confidence at “Roxanne”. And no matter what type of insurance you want to buy, go directly to the official website of the organization “Roxanne” as it is a 100% online bank.

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