Credit calculator – calculate loans and monthly installments

When making a loan, what interests everyone is the cost of repayment. That is why it is very important for every serious money lending company to provide their clients with an insight into the loan calculator so that they can obtain a loan calculation and monthly installments. An assessment at

The credit calculator works very simply and consists of two horizontal lines that you can use to move the mouse depending on how much you are interested in.

Amount of credit the user can choose


The top line or line that asks you how much money you need indicates the amount or amount of credit the user can choose. The bottom line indicates the loan repayment period and asks you to choose the deadline for repayment of the loan.

The job of a loan calculator is to provide all the calculations and give clear information to the client, without hiding and lying. Transparent insight into costs is one that is likely to interest anyone who chooses to raise a loan.

Credit calculator online


Since you do not need to call us, send us e-mails and wait for our response, we have placed your credit calculator online on our website. This saves you considerable time by getting specific information before you decide to take out a loan with us.

In addition to the two lines already specified that the user can regulate himself, there are two additional options: The option I have a guarantor and the option I do not want a guarantor. Each of these options has different lending terms that you can find out in our terms of business and microcredit forms.

If you are unsure of the amounts that our credit calculator shows you, feel free to contact us with questions we will be happy to answer.

Why Credit Calculator?


This question is essentially very easy to answer. A loan calculator will give you the fastest loan calculation depending on the amount you want to request. On the right you may notice information such as amount, maturity, premium, ex, total to pay, monthly installment amount… All this is information that you need to be interested in when making a loan.

With a loan calculator, calculating your loan and monthly installments is much easier and easier. Only basic documents and a few minutes are required to apply. We only operate online so you don’t have to walk around wasting your time.

On our site, along with the credit calculator, there is also an application form that you can fill out freely, and wait for one of your colleagues to guide you until the payment. The money can be in your account within 15 minutes of delivery of the signed documentation.

If you need money urgently, use your credit calculator to claim your loan as soon as possible!

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