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Croats are big supporters of installment shopping. Cards iron every day and love the feeling it gives them that way of shopping.

Installment loan lenders no credit check: Online content and offers just for you

When are installment loans the best solution?

Installment loans no credit check online from Citrus are ideal in situations where it is almost impossible to cover expenses at once.

Credit companies have such loans in installments that allow them to buy or settle costs in one go, and then the client returns the money in several installments. The number of installments depends on the amount of the loan. Due to the fact that credit companies operate exclusively through the Internet, they borrow smaller sums of money, up to a maximum of 6000 kuna.

Therefore, the repayment period cannot be longer than one year or 12 installments. But within a year, clients are able to restructure their finances and make a repayment plan by tackling unnecessary costs. In addition to borrowing, loans are also available to close the defaults and liabilities.

Why borrow on installments

This is evidenced by the fact that in Croatia there are even twice as many credit cards as residents. Favorite plastic makes it a hassle-free purchase and money is not immediately removed from your account but remains available for other things.

This is especially important when buying larger appliances with prices up to several thousand kuna. And that is what makes loan services like installment lending attractive.

How to borrow in installments?

Why borrow on installments

The biggest advantage, besides the fact that you do not need the client to involve your employer in the installment loan application process, is that the entire process from the application to the conclusion of the installment loan can be done online. Online registration is complete in just a few minutes. In addition to the online form and the contract, the documentation must be accompanied by a copy of the identity card and current account.

If the amount is up to HRK 3000, then the above mentioned documents are sufficient, and if the amount exceeds this amount, a bank statement and a payment or pension list should be enclosed. The client can submit the request online anywhere, without having to go to the bank unnecessarily and collecting receipts, notes and paper. Anyone who has encountered red tape at least once knows how hard and painful it can be.

Banks offer similar services in the form of short-term cash loans, but in rare cases, it is possible to apply online. Prior to approval, the client’s creditworthiness, type of employment and HROK report are checked. Citizens who are blocked or blacklisted or have only a part-time job are often not allowed by banks to borrow in installments because of too much risk.

Is it better to repay a loan in installments or a one-time payment?

How many times have you had a situation where you needed money yesterday? Your washing machine broke down, your bike was stolen or your car tire broke? – these are situations where one feels a little helpless. Therefore, you should carefully manage your money and keep an eye on costs.

When repaying a loan in installments, it is a better option to repay in monthly annuities because it leaves enough money in your home budget for everyday things. Arranging a one-off installment loan repayment can put a bigger strain on your budget and push you into a deeper financial crisis than you did. With the monthly repayments you will not even feel the burden of repaying the loan in installments.

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