Month: July 2019

Loan agreement between individuals


Currently, when a personal individual needs financing, they might encounter a series of difficulties that could prevent them from being able to access credit. With all this fact, it is very common to find among press announcements plus through the Internet, a solution which gives us a thread associated with hope in the solution of […]

Equal or decreasing installments – which are cheaper? – Installment Loans


When analyzing cash loan offers, it is worth paying attention to how we will pay the amount due. In the case of installment loans, two solutions are available: equal and decreasing installments. Both forms of repayment have their advantages and disadvantages. At the beginning let’s look at what the loan installment depends on. Later, we […]

Do you want to be the favorite customer of the banks? These are the keys to lend you money


Everywhere it is possible to find a favorite. In the office, the boss’s favorite is never missing; at school, the favorite student of teachers; there is even the favorite grandson, although the grandmothers are determined to deny it. And even if you don’t believe it, banks also have “favorite customers,” and becoming one of them […]

Did you get home insurance? Find out if it’s legal


If you have raised the price of your home insurance, surely, you are wondering if the insurer can do it and why. If you have not seen yourself in this situation, with this post we intend to help you clarify concepts so that you know whether or not it is legal and, in short, be […]

Benefits of a credit card


Knowing what the benefits of a credit card are will allow you to fully enjoy them. Then, you should read this article carefully where we will explain each of these benefits.   Main benefits Among the benefits of a credit card are those that are specific to the instrument and not to the franchise. That […]